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March is Fire Prevention Month

Presidential Proclamation No. 115–A as declared to be the official observation of Fire Prevention Month during the month of March is promoted to provide education and awareness to lessen the incidence of fire in the Philippines. The Philippine Summer can cause about 9,000 – 10,000 fire incidents nationwide. All types of households can fall victim, 3M provides the tips on prevention as acknowledged by experts on the field.

Top Hot Home Fire Prevention Tips and Measures from 3M.

  1. Regularly clean the house by removing the accumulation of dried leaves, wood shavings and litter in all parts of the house, these items can act as “fire fuel”. The mix of heat fuel and oxygen make it possible to create fire. Temperatures of these “fire fuel” via the summer heat can reach a certain critical point where ignition is possible to start dangerous household fires.
  2. Give extra attention to oil, native lamps, and other combustible decorations and materials in the house. They should be placed away from curtains and other objects that easily catch fire. Do not put them where the wind, children, cats and other moving beings may topple them. Put them out before going to bed.
  3. Observe what your children are playing with during this Summer break, be in high alert this season for children playing with combustible items such as matches inside your house. The spread of fire is faster so react quickly!
  4. Regularly check your home electrical installations by a licensed electrician. Have frayed wirings and electrical fixtures repaired to ensure that the recommended solution and brands are used, especially during seasons of fire prevention (Which is summer and Christmas season).
  5. Do not overload your electrical circuits, turn off electrical appliances that aren't necessary to be used. Overheating of electrical circuits causes the insulation to melt leading to seasonal house fires. Avoid this by using proper insulation such as TARTAN™ 1710 General Use Vinyl Electrical Tape which is flame retardant, a property that stops the spread of fire once source of flame is removed.

Tartan™ 1710 General Use Vinyl Electrical Tape

Provides more than just insulation to your household wirings, it provides safety and assurance to your home on the incidence of electrical overheating (the more proper term for the wrongly used term “Faulty electrical wiring”), this flame retardant PVC provides you with the security to stop the source of the heat a.k.a over heating and short circuits to your wire that could cause fire to spread in the household.