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Simple organization prevents stress at work, experts say

post-it STRESS in the workplace is often a response to lack of control and fear—fear of not being able to handle certain situations or deliver a promise, fear of not being able to live up to a certain criteria and, as a consequence, losing careers, jobs and business opportunities. But while stress is normal, too much of it can interfere with productivity—thus starting a vicious cycle that leads to deteriorating physical and emotional health.

Many find themselves at a loss on how to manage stress at the office, thinking that a major overhaul is needed to take away all the stressors encountered each day. However, because stress stems from lack of control, defeating it means focusing on what you can control—you thinking and your habits. Truth is, all of us have the same 24 hours in a day. It just differs in how we manage our time.

A simple solution to prevent stress at work is to be organized. De-clutter your desk and you de-clutter your mind. When you have a clear picture of where you want to go, what you want to accomplish, with a clear timeline, you will notice that you could be more productive without stressing out too much.

"The key to organization is writing things down. This was effective then, it is still effective now. Even if we have all the gadgets in place today such as tablet PCs and smartphones, among others, we have seen that nothing beats the habit of literally writing things down on paper,” says Haydee Casapao, 3M Office Supplies sales and marketing manager and advocate of organization as a tool to prevent stress.

Casapao adds, “With all the clutter at work, at home and in other areas, the more we need to have reminders and get organized. That is what Post-it® brand has been advocating for three decades now. Write things down and make notes and be reminded afterward.”

Studies show that when you get out from a meeting, you will only have a few minutes to remember what you have discussed. But when you write things down, you are sure you have something to look to as reference when you need to deliver results.

Here are four easy tips shared by Post-it® Brand on how to get organized:

  • Highlight important points of the meeting. Remember, it is important to note things down in a meeting so that afterward, you can simply review your notes and highlighting the salient points discussed.
  • Have pop-up reminders. In a fast-paced environment, change is constant. Rather than relying on your overtaxed memory, jot down the details on a Post-it® Note and stick it on your desktop or computer as a reminder.
  • Sort your notebook. Color-code and tab your notes to add subsections for different accounts, list of contacts, monthly reports and other important notes. For example, assign a yellow for meeting notes, green for budget or red for project ideas. Post-it® Flags have several colors that will allow you to sort and find information with a flip of your fingers. They can also be written on to help you label important sections. Similarly, you can create your own filing system to organize your paperwork and documents. Don’t forget to label them properly for easy searching.
  • Clear out the clutter. Uncover your horizontal space by removing unnecessary supplies or gadgets. This will save you time from looking for files which should have been kept in an orderly manner. Keep common files together in drawers, cabinets or boxes and do not forget to label each.

Source: BusinessMirror