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Privacy: It’s a Matter of Perspective

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In today’s world, your private information isn’t just on your desktop; it’s with you everywhere you go. Your mobile device allows you to work and play at the same time. In fact, more business meetings are held conveniently outside the office - which can divulge agreements and contract information to everyone; while students spend quite a lot of their time studying in places outside of the campus. And with the advent of online purchase and banking, you’re likely to expose delicate data to the prying eyes while you do your payments in public.

Exposing sensitive information can lead to problems such as, identity theft – a crime that is rampant in the Philippines which leads to hacking of email accounts and even pretenders on social networking sites.
Being reusable, it helps save money and effort while offering a more eco-friendly and better alternative to magnets, push pins, tacks and putties. They can be removed easily and cleanly making them more preferable that tacks which can damage surfaces and even cause minor accidents. They can also be used on most flat surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and painted walls. Just clean it with water, and it’s good to go again.
The study done in the U.S. by People Security revealed that a lot more people are starting to place confidential information on their gadgets. Students and young professionals conduct work or school related tasks and web surfing outside the office, forcing them to save personal and sensitive information on their gadgets; thus, risking visual breaches. In relation to this, IT analysts in the U.S. predict that in 2013 more people will do tasks on their gadgets due to the progress of technology. In the Philippines, with more affordable laptops, tablets and smart phones coming out and the further development of 4G networks, more people will likely transact business online.

With personal information disclosure laws becoming more restrictive, plus identity theft and corporate information loss costing companies significant millions of dollars a year, protecting your confidential information is more critical than ever. To address this, 3M the company that never stops inventing has developed a product that eliminates the risk of visual breach, the 3M™ Privacy Filter, which is available in different sizes to fit your mobile gadgets. Once placed on the screen, 3M™ Privacy Filters block off the view from prying eyes through a screen darkening privacy technology, rather than common distortion technology that prevents casual onlookers from viewing your screen.

“It's a matter of perspective. For some, privacy means control. For others, it's the freedom to let others into their lives”, says Buggy Ayo Vice President for Safety and Security Business of 3M Philippines. “No matter how you look at it, privacy is central to everything you do. And privacy is something you should be able to control. 3M gives you back that control over your your data, your interests and your life so you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder who is reading your data.” ends Ayo.

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