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At School

Highlighting key points

Post-it® Flag Highlighter make the perfect revision companion. Simply highlight key information in your notes or books, then flag the pages for future reference... ingenious!


Finding the page you need

Organise your work and save time searching through your notes by marking pages and sections with Post-it® Small Flags - you can even write on them.

Remembering facts & figures

Brainstorming  can be both fun and tiring. But everything becomes easy when you use a Post-it Note for posting every idea during a brainstorming session. Use different colors per topic and different sizes to match the importance of the subject.

Teaching Small Groups

Teaching small groups

Post-it® Table-top Pads are ideal for teaching small groups of kids anywhere, even outside the classroom. Use them to collect and inspire ideas, then stick them where everyone can see them.

Disclaimer :  This is not a regular item.

Where to Buy

Find out Where to Buy Post-it® products near you.

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