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Surface Conditioning

3M™ Specialty Tapes Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning products quickly and efficiently deburr, clean, blend and finish a wide variety of materials - while maintaining dimensional integrity and improving surface quality.
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Used for a wide range of applications including decorative finishing, grindline conditioning, and blending on a variety of metals. Tough reinforced nylon and abrasive belts allow controlled cut to eliminate gouging, run cool and leave burr free finishes.


Bench Area
When portable tools are used in bench area operations, 3M™ helps keep things moving with a full line of money-saving, quality boosting coated abrasive and surface conditioning products. Designed to deliver outstanding results in hard to reach areas.


Cubitron™ abrasive provides high cut while the flexible plastic brings superior cleaning to a wide variety of surface areas, without damaging the work piece. Eliminates flying wires common with traditional wire brushes.


Scotch-Brite™ brushes deliver a superior finish and a cleaner work surface. They also generate a consistent anchor pattern to improve the surface for better coating adhesion and produce a more consistent scratch pattern for a superior appearance.


Discs - Hook & Loop
Scotch-Brite™ hook and loop discs have a backing which is compatible with a dual-lock fastening system. These discs are offered in a wide range of sizes and grades that work well on right angle tools with hook and loop disc pads.


Discs - Regular
These discs are made of a non-woven, three-dimensional, open web that provides a uniform, consistent finish without undercutting or gouging the work piece. A wide variety of sizes and grades cover all cleaning, deburring and finishing needs.


Discs - Roloc™
Scotch-Brite™ Roloc discs provide a burr-free surface suitable for painting or coating. These discs can be used for removal of light rust, oxides and coatings. Roloc™ TR is an attaching system that has a male threaded button on each disc.


Hand Pads
Designed to offer the user a flexible and conformable abrasive for general purpose cleaning, blending, prep work, and finishing without damaging the work piece. Available in a variety of webs, grades and sizes.


Scotch-Brite™ rolls are conformable and follow surface contours, eliminating undercutting and surface leveling. Replaces steel wool. Use for paint, rust and corrosion removal, light deburring, mild polishing, scuffing, or cosmetic finishing.


Roto Peen
Peening is a technique for imparting a residual compressive stress into the surface of metals. Having the shot used to peen metal surfaces in a captive flap, allows for more control and greater access to areas that require this strengthening procedure.


Sheet Rolls - Multi-Flex
Ultra flexible and conformable for cleaning or fine finishing. Convenient dispenser saves time and eliminates waste. Replaces steel wool to eliminate contamination.


Wheels - Convolute
These wheels are typically used on stationary machinery, and are available in diameters of 4" and above and widths of 1/2" and greater. The 3 dimensional web wrapped around a core creates consistent finishes and can be used to radius edges.


Wheels - Cup
Built for tough, aggressive cleaning and coating removal applications without undercutting or gouging the work piece. Cup wheels are meant to adapt to a wide range of right angle grinders.


Wheels - Molded
Variety of molded wheels for deburring, finishing, polishing, and shaping.


Wheels - Unitized
Most often recommended for use on portable tools. Choose for edge deburring and finishing applications of small or intricate work pieces. They are available in a wide range of diameters, grades and densities and limited to a thickness no more than 1"