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Power Tools & Accessories

3M™ Specialty Tapes 3M™ Power Tools are packed with horsepower, giving you the power to maximize performance and minimize operational obstacles. Together with 3M™ Abrasives and Accessories, they’re designed to help you get the job done more efficiently.
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Abrasive Power Tools & Tool Accessories

Abrasive Power Tools & Tool Accessories  
3M™ quality pneumatic tools are designed to optimize tool and abrasive performance during cutting, grinding, blending or finishing applications. Its design and advanced technology increase operator comfort by directing exhaust away from the operator.


Adapters used to change the attachment style of a tool for use with common attachments used on accessories for abrasive products.


Air File Shoes
Designed for use on Pneumatic Orbital Air Files. Shoes features a tuck-in clip on the leading edge for easy insertion and quick application and removal.


Bristle Disc Accessories
Accessories to aid in the performance of bristle discs.


Conversion Faces/Pads
Conversion faces and pads converts one type of attachment face to another (ie.; converts a Hookit™ BUP to a Stikit™ BUP).


Disc Pads and Holders
Back-up Pads and Disc Holders used on power tools to drive Coated Abrasive and Surface Conditioning discs. Available in various sizes and attachment forms.


A portable, sturdy metal dispenser for quick and easy dispensing and storage of Stikit™ abrasives. Keeps abrasive flat while protecting the adhesive backing.


Dressing & Shaping Products
Dress Scotch-Brite™ wheels and rough shape contours into wheels where more conformability is required.


Expander Wheel
Slotted wheels available in a wide variety of sizes for use with Evenrun™ bands and belts. Centrifugal force while tool is running holds band on expander wheel.


Facing Material Rolls
Rolls of facing material used to make holders for driving abrasive products.


File/Fairing Boards
Designed for fairing, shaping, sanding and finishing boats, plugs and molds. Durable, lightweight construction that combines worker comfort and getting desired results quickly.


Finesse-it™ and 3M™ Compounds, Polishes and Accessories
Designed to be used in the Finesse-it™ Trizact™ Paint Repair System for AOEM clear coats.


Flanges are metal products used to reduce an internal diameter core size to a smaller size.


Flap Disc Accessories
Accessories that aid in the optimal performance of flap discs.


Flexible Grinding Wheel Backup Pads
Clear plastic support plate used to support 4-1/2 inch x 7/8 inch center hole flexible grinding wheel.


Gasket Removal Discs
Non-woven nylon fiber material impregnated with aluminum oxide mineral. Ideal for removing old gasketing residue and preparing a surface like steel for a new gasket.


Hand Pads/Blocks
Designed to securely hold abrasive products yet allow a comfortable grip for corner and contour sanding.


Interface Pads
Pads are constructed of a durable foam for excellent conformability and easy application.


Kits, Packs, Sets and Sample Rings
Kits containing abrasives and accessories for product demos.


Mandrels and Spindles
Screw type mandrels and forked spindle for securing cartridge rolls to tool.


Molding Adhesive and Stripe Removal Discs
Used to remove vinyl stripes, numbers, letters and graphics from gel coat and painted marine surfaces without damaging the finish.


Platen Pad Cover
Protective cover for woodworking platen pads.


Rubber Cushion Polishing Wheel
A mechanically expandable rubber cushion available in a wide variety of sizes safely keeps Evenrun™ bands and belts from slipping during use with 3M™ Coated Abrasive Bands and Belts.


Sanding Sponges, Sheets and Pads
Ideal for sanding in tight corners or next to textured ceilings while they thoroughly clean surfaces of all remaining residue to keep blemishes from occurring when stains or finishes are applied.


Sheet Pads
Rectangular shaped backup pads for Orbital Sanders


Flexible, sturdy rubber used for removing slush created when sanding or applying glazing putty and plastic filler.


Stripe Off Wheels
Designed for high-speed removal of vinyl, decals, graphics and double sided molding striping and trim.


Tack Cloth
3M™ All Purpose Tack Cloth stays soft for a comfortable cleanup just before painting and is reusable. Use to remove dirt, lint, dust and sanding particles from metal, plastic, fiberglass and wood.